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Muzyka Dawna Utwory Renesansu
Muzyka Baroku koncerty muzyki dawnej

Brought together by faith, friendship and passion for early music we formed an ensemble and named it FLORIPARI (meaning “they who carve flowers”). Each one of us came down their own path along which they collected experience from various events dedicated to the music of past centuries. These spiritual and musical quests, both our masters and our own, have with time shown us new ways of thinking about music - as more than means of expressing oneself. For us, music is spirit and life.

The main aim of the ensemble is to bring out into the light the culture of the renaissance and baroque - still quite unfamiliar to many.  FLORIPARI is especially dedicated to discovering and presenting the noble beauty of Polish musical art.

We wish to share with you all the fruits of our work. We cordially invite you to take part in the proposed musical events and join us on a journey through time.



Dear Friends, Benefactors and Listeners FLORIPARI, (11-08-2014)

In the year of our jubilee - 20th anniversary FLORIPARI (yes, we are now 20 years old!), we write to you with words of thanks. Great thanks!

For your help and kindness, which has always supported us and allowed to make a music in FLORIPARI.

We are all very grateful. It is our pleasure and honor to have such Friends.


FLORIPARI is by you and for you. :)

If you wish you can support our artistic activity. 

You can help by: 

- Foundation PIANOFORTE (payment in the form of donations to the Foundation): 


KRS: 0000489032, ul. Obozowa  41a / 6, 30-383 Kraków,

www.pianoforte.org.pl; e-mail: fundacja@pianoforte.org.pl;

Bank: Raiffeisenbank Poland, ul. Wielopole 17, 31-072 Krakow

IBAN: PL 39 1750 0012 0000 0000 2613 0425; SWIFT: RCBWPLPW

with a note: FLORIPARI

 - Or in a simple and direct way by PayPal payment system (for details, please send e-mail). 

Even small, but steady and declared support will help and will allow us to conduct organizational and managerial issues giving a chance for future of FLORIPARI. 




English version below and German version aside.

See, watch our clips!


The long awaited album CD-Audio Muzykalia Rakowskie – Kto ma uszy, niechaj słucha already! (24-08-2014)

With great joy to announce that finally came out our latest recordings! After six years of work! 

On the 2-disc album entitled " Muzykalia Rakowskie – Kto ma uszy, niechaj słucha” (He who has ears, let him hear; [cit.: Evang., Mt 13,43]) you can find unique works of religious music as practiced in former Rakow called in the seventeenth century Sarmatian Athens:

- traditional Polish songs whose original texts and notes are preserved in the historical Arian songbook – Polish Brother Cancionale, (1625, Raków Opatowski)

- and later compositions of the valuable collection of manuscripts of eighteenth-century parish St. George Church in Rakow.




Click above on the cover or "here" to read more and listen samples... 


In the recording has its share of choir "Choral" of Rakow, and the whole complement in excellent recitations performed by master Andrzej Seweryn. 

Spiritus movens of the whole project is The Society of Friends of Raków and Świętokrzyski Region - our longtime friends and benefactors, great people, enthusiasts who lovingly care for the heritage of our common ancestors, Poles: both Catholics and Protestants.


20th anniversary of FLORIPARI. Thank You! (20-08-2014)

This happy for our anniversary coincided with a difficult experience for FLORIPARI that affect us all. Especially soulless bureaucracy decline of morals and the fact that "the Polish state exists only in theory" (Polish Minister of the Interior, B. Sienkiewicz) means that we can not function normally. Hence our long silence on the page for that sorry. 

Soon more interesting information. 

However, it was not so depressing we invite you to click at the photo, because it is for You All! Once again, Thank You! 


We are always FLORIPARI with news on Facebook, where we invite you constantly.


Short clip promoting "Early Music Postcard from Poland" on YT (01-03-2013)

Enjoy the link promoting "Early Musical Postcards from Poland" FLORIPARI on YouTube.

And more about the disc: here


New films by FLORIPARI! (30-01-2013)

Be the first to watch! 

These  films we dedicate to our hosts in Western Australia, the people that contributed to our great 2012 tour.

The first video we dedicate to prof. Vincent Moleta director of Blackwood River Chamber Music Festival and to all incredible Aussies who helped us in any way.

- "Służyłem ja Tobie dosyć" (I Have Served You for a long Time) - Polish Anonymous song from the middle od 17th c.

The second video we dedicate to all the members of General Sikorski Polish Club in Perth, especially to our osts - Club's President Vlodek Bilski and to Sobczyk, Jackiewicz and Bilski families - also to Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Sydney Mr. Daniel Gromann and to all Poles in Western Australia.

- "Polish Ayre & Polish Villanell" - Tobias Hume, 1605 (The First Book of Ayres)

These videos were filmed at Dębno Castle (branch of Tarnów Museum), beautiful and welcoming place worth visiting. 

Many thanks to the Director of Tarnów Museum Mr. Andrzej Szpunar for letting us shot these films at the castle and to the castle's manager, Mrs. Krystyna Gurgul, for warm reception and help. 

FLORIPARI's  partner in this undertaking is Tarnów Museum.


Filmed by: Michał Michalik, Paweł Mikołajczyk (pamedia.pl) / Sound: Jacek Kołtuniak. WE RECOMMEND!


Something more about our new album... 

Finally, a few words that can be found on our new CD "Early Musical Postcards from Poland". 

We are pleased that this new cd has such public interest which we did not expect. 

"Early Musical Postcards from Poland" are composed of several smaller parts titled:

A Polish Psalter, A Nobleman's Feast, The Polish Brothers, At the cathedral, Love in Old Poland, A Royal Ball at the Wawel Castle.

CD is necessarily a summary of our artistic work, gathered the disc recordings were made over  the 19 years (yes, it is!) FLORIPARI existence.

read more and listen...


In the section Repertoire new concert programmes by FLORIPARI will appear soon (20-08-2012)

Here are the titles of the new programmes. Some of them have been already performed by FLORIPARI:

Paradisum Polonorum - beautiful country and beautiful music. For seven centuries Jewish diasporas in Poland called this land Paradisum Iudeorum. Why shouldn't we call our own country Paradisum Polonorum too?

VIA SACRA. On Polish pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela - for many centuries Polish pilgrims traveled throughout Europe to this special place of Lord's presence on Earth. From Poland to Spain - from the song Bądź wiesioła Panno czysta to Cantigas de Santa Maria.

Polish Prayer with Krakow's Saints  - musical tale about saint patrons of Krakow st Jacek, Stanisław, Jan Kanty and st Jadwiga queen of Poland.

Sotto le Stelle (Under the stars) - comedia dell'arte - performed at the courts of Polish kings such as Władysław IV and Jan III Sobieski. Improvised comedy that makes you laugh all over again. Funny plot with a happy ending. Starring SOTTO le STELLE Court Ballet.

Wanderings. Body and Soul - very much metaphysical programme indeed.

Codex Calixtinus, Laudario di Cortona, Cantigas de Santa Maria - amazing Middle Ages programmes in the cooperation with Gregorian chant ensembles ALTERNATIM and FLORES ROSARUM directed by s. Susana Ferfoglia.

Carmina Cracoviensia - intriguing and very "cracowish" programme indeed. An extensive spectacle in cooperation with Nomine Rosae Fundation, SPOT acting school, Sotto le Stelle court ballet and Aramis fencing academy.

And for 2013 we prepare two anniversary programmes on Horodelska Union 1413 and The Victory of Vienne 1683.


The Polish Brothers again! (11-08-2012)

On the 5th of August FLORIPARI had an honour to performe 8th concert in the series "Musical Pearls of Old Raków".

The coperformers of that venue were the male choir CHORAŁ directed by Andrzej Barabasz and illstrious actors from Krakow Lidia Bogaczówna and Andrzej Popiel who recited poetry.

As usual the concert was hosted by Mrs Karen and Mr Marcin Popiel in Kurozwęki Palace and organised by the Society of Raków run by Marzena Kuczyńska, Danuta Król i Witold Switalski.

Soon, the common efforts of Raków Society, Kurozwęki Palace and FLORIPARI, to revive musical culture of Raków city will be crowned with a world premiere recording of The Polish Brothers Cantionale 1625 and music from the 18th century church musical archives of Raków. The recording will take place at the begening of October and till the end of this month the CD will be released.


Our recent engagements (04-08-2012)

It's worth noticing some of our concerts that took place after our fantastic tournee in Western Australia in April 2012.

- on the 23rd od May we performed at one of the oldest and most prestigious festivals in Poland

- Musical Festival in Łańcut. It was the 51st edition of the Festival and we presented a show featuring not only music but also a dance and a bit of an acting. The show intitled "The joys and sorrows of love" rearranged  by Katarzyna Borsztyn featured FLORIPARI, Sotto le Stelle ballet and soprano soloist Joanna Trafas.

- on the 3rd of August we gave a concert at the festival in the north of Poland 46th International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music in Koszalin.

The concertwas shared by organist Tomasz Glanca and FLORIPARI. We presented a new programme Paradisum Polonorum warmly recived by the festival's audiance.

Many thanks to the artistic director of the festival Bogdan Narloch, for the invitation and great organisation of the venue.


FLORIPARI and TAURON - Polska Energia (08-03-2012)

With a great plesure we announce that TAURON Polska Energia S. A. supports
FLORIPARI - Early Music Ensemble from the Royal Wawel Castle

Starting from the March 2012 Ensemble's patron of art is TAURON Sprzedaż Sp.
z o.o. (

TAURON, assisting FLORIPARI in artistics projects, reinforces its image of
Patron of Art, and helps Polish culture to florish.


The first announcement of FLORIPARI's concerts in Australia (05-03-2012)

"PolArt is one of the largest Polish cultural festivals held outside Poland. 

PolArt festivals have been celebrating Polish culture in Australia for over 35 years. Organised every three years, the festival takes place in capital cities around Australia, drawing crowds of up to 100,000. 

Perth will host the PolArt festival for the very first time in 2012." (text taken from the official PolArt website - www.polart2012.com.au). 

Floripari's concert is a harbinger of the main Festival, and will take place on the 20th of April 2012 in the Ballroom of the Government House. 

If you are in Perth this very day, please, join us at the concert!


FLORIPARI on Facebook (17-02-2012)

We start our Facebook adventure! Visit us there.

Initiator and maker of our Facebook Wall is Konrad Wierzchucki - our good spirit an a fine dancer of Floripari and Sotto le Stelle.

We start our account bearing in mind our Australian tour this April.

Click here: FLO on fcbook 


Kacper Ryx meets Floripari (09-02-2012)

On the 5th February 2012 we had a pleasure to perform during the opening of the historical shop "Kacper Ryx". 

The opening coincided with the release of the 4th part of the aventures of Kacper Ryx - royal investigator. 

Mariusz Wollny, the author the book, and his wife Janina are the initiators and owners of the new shop, where among many beautifull things like traditional pottery, copies of old swords and armours, Renaissance clothes, you can find our recordings. 

For those who don't know the books, it's high time to get to know these! XVI century Kraków splendidly pictured, rapid action and intriguing plot ... Exquisite!

Floripari has read all four parts. 

We strongly reccommend this book and the historical shop - 3 Mariacki Square (next to St Mary Basilica), Cracow.  


Last events (07-02-2012)

19 January 2012, St Catherine's Church, Cracow

Augustian Concerts, Music in the Chapel of St Dorothy, "En natus est Emmanuel" - christmas songs

15 December 2011, St Catherine's Church, Cracow

new series of chamber music concerts, "Augustian Concerts, Music in the Chapel of St Dorothy" - songs for Advent

27 October 2011, Nowy Targ, series of concerts "Thursday Evenings" organised by Viva l'Arte Association

23 October 2011, Concert in the scope of Ars Antiqua In Via Gothica FestivalMarkusovce, Slovakia 

here's: a link to the commentary on Slovakian TV

10 September 2011, Jadwigensis Festival in Krosno Odrzańskie concert " Music at the European Courts"

7 August 2011, Palace in Kurozwęki 

Series of concerts - Musical Pearls from Early Raków concert "Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes"

5 November 2012, Palace in Kurozwęki 

Series of concerts - Musical Pearls from Early Raków concert "Ab imo pectore - From the depths of my heart"

6-7 November 2012, Palace in Kurozwęki 

CD recording of the music from Raków, Polish Brother Cantionale - Arian Cantionale (1625)


Scottish tournee of FLORIPARI (11-09-2011)

We've taken up the invitation of Scottish and Polish partners and heading out for concerts to picturesque and intriguing Scotland. 3 prestigious musical events in 3 different and captivating places:

1. 20 september - National Gallery, Edinburgh, 18:30
(free admission with a ticket available for pick-up at teh Gallery)

2. 21 september at the Signet Library in Edinburgh - a concert for the Diplomatic Corps celebrating the Polish Presidency of the European Union, 18:30 (closed to public, attandance only by invitation of the Consul General of the Republic of Poland, Dr Tomasz Trafas)

3. 23 September
in Inverness at the Town Hall, 12:00, a lunch time concert open to all

Organisation and Partners: 

National Gallery of Scotland, The City of Edinburgh, Inverness Festivals,
Scottish EU Beaureau, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh,
The City of Kraków, Nomine Rosae Foundation, Adam Mickiewicz Institute of


Chopin's year - our Chopin's new programme

In this program, we bring you extraordinary and rare Polish dances and songs (both folk and courtly) from the times of Frederick Chopin as well as earlier epochs - traditional melodies which were woven into the intricate structures of his mazurkas, polonaises, waltzes and art songs...  

more information 


New year, new plans and obligations

In the repertoire section of our website, new interesting concert programme has just appeared - Respublica versus Ottoman Empire. This is the harbinger of some more developments in FLORIPARI's repertoire.

Among upcoming programmes there are two, inspired by important anniversaries in Polish history (1410 - 2010, 600th anniversary of Battle Grunwald; 1810 - 2010, 200th birthday of F. Chopin).

Another upcoming programms:

Alla Polacca, a la Polonaise - performance featuring pieces by western masters, inspired by polish musical tradition. Popular polish dances preserved in many sources all over the Europe, from the late Renaissance time till the end of baroque era (e.g. tablatures of Chilesotti and Hume, works by XVIIth century Italian authors [Scacchi and others], and splendid vital concerto style pieces by Heandel and Telemann).

The life of man worth of honor - the history of a man, who is living his life according to the Lord's rules and his own consciousness. Together with the flow of music, we follow the man from the moment of his birth, through the course of his life - his youth, love, downfall, penitence - up to his death. The idea of the programme is inspired by renaissance book of Mikołaj Rej of the same title and Terentius' expression - "I am a human being, so nothing human is strange to me".

This programme had been created for Akademia Oświęcimska and performed for the first time in December 2009 in Rome, in the scope of symposium entitled "Human rights in civilisation of solidarity". During the Symposium, a diploma of Akademia Oświęcimska Award for Human Rights, was handed by Pope Benedict XVI to French philosopher prof. Andree Glucksmann. 

Extended version of the programme in cooperation with PERFUGIUM - Ensemble for early and traditional liturgical music.

Sarmatia Viva - splendid and lofty compositions in oratorio style by Polish composers of XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries ( Mikołaj Zieleński, Marcin Mielczewski, Damian Stachowicz, Jacek Różycki, Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki, Marcin Józef Żebrowski ). Works that are still considerably little known to broader audiences. 

Concert in cooperation with Lithuanian choir AIDIJA from Vilnius.

Scio cui credidi - I know whom have I hoped. Musical Tale about Polish Brothers - a story about very singular protestant community - about it's life, customs and music. This community for almost 100 years, had been spreading in XVIIth and XVIIIth century Poland the idea of brotherhood among all the people and the message of peace (and so, they were also called "the brothers of wooden sword"). Programme is featuring psalms, hymns and spiritual songs from Kancjonał Braci Polskich (Polish Brother - Arian Canzionale) published in Raków in 1625.  

Concert in cooperation Regional Friend's Rakow Society in Rakow.


The concert of FLORIPARI Ensemble during the symposium of Akademia
Oświęcimska in Rome.


The concert will take place on the 9th December 2009 in Rome.

During symposium entitled "Human rights in civilisation of solidarity", the diploma of Akademia Oświęcimska Award for Human Rights, will be handed by Pope Benedict XVI, to French philosopher prof. Andree Glucksmann.

The new education programme - The School of Culture and Humane Rights - will also be inaugurated, during the meeting.

Symposium is under patronage of Pope Benedict XVI.

The meeting is organized by: Akademia Oświęcimska, Collegium Vigrense and The Institute Pro Publico Bono.  

Floripari's concert is supported by The Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw.


A SERIES of CONCERTS in Romania and Bulgary

Between 19th and 30th of October we will perform in four Romanian and Bulgarian cities: 

- Cluj (Romania), 21.10.2009 - concert "Cracovia Mundi" for the
Center of Polish Culture in Cluj (former Koloszwar City) 

- Bucarest, 23.10.2009 - concert "Cracovia Mundi..." final
concert of the Bucarest Early Music Festival 2009. Concert in cooperation with
The Polish Institute in Bucarest 

- Ruse (Bulgary), 26.10.2009 - concert "Jagiellonian Royal Court"
in the scope of "Autumn Music Days" festival. Concert in cooperation
with The Polish Institute in Sofia 

- Sofia, 28.10.2009 - concert "Jagiellonian Royal Court" - one of
the events celebrating 60th anniversary of The Polish Institute in Sofia.

Tournee supported by The Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw. 



We invite young, talented singers and instrumentalists experienced in the field of early music, to join us! If you are interested don't hesitate and write an e-mail or give us a call...  

Among instrumentalists we are especially looking for those playing base instruments, both harmonic (lute, harp, harpsichord), and melodic (gamba, cello, bassoon).


FLORIPARI - new dvd recording 

On this recording we present a few pieces belonging to the repertoire of Polish and European Golden Age as well as early baroque music... more information


Respublica vs. Ottoman Empire - new programme

Exciting subject on interesting and turbulent times when the two culturally different empires struggled to obtain dominion or, sometimes, fought for survival. And often it was a fight for life and death ...  

The subject that is equally good as a plot of a concert programme and a screenplay. So, there is The Republic of Both Nations (united kingdom of Poland and Lithuania) called by popes "Antemurale Christianorum - Before wall of Christianity" in a dynamic confrontation with a rich Islamic culture of Ottoman Empire, today's Turkey.  

Our concert is a vision of two different music ideas of two contrasting worlds. Yes, it is a tale about war and battles, about virtues and heroism. But it is also a tale of a reciprocal cultural influence between the two countries and, above all, about a great respect that the two nations had, and still have, for each other. 

We cordially invite all the people familiar with Islamic culture - historians, musicologists, musicians - that can help us and bring their own knowledge and skills to our new concert project!



FLORIPARI - muzyków wawelskich supported by:

Dom Pracy Twórczej w Wigrach
wspierał nieustająco w latach 2004-2011 działalność artystyczną FLORIPARI.

Zespół Pałacowy w Kurozwękach

Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Ziemi Rakowskiej
i Regionu Świętokrzyskiego